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J&J Brand Products

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J&J Brand products are availble exclusively through J&J Tack Shack Stores. J&J Brand Products are offered at great prices to provide value to our customers.

J&J Brand Saddles

J&J Brand Saddles

J&J Brand Saddles
Quality Western Saddles made in the USA. Roping, Cutting, and Barrel Saddles available in 13" - 18" seats.

J&J Brand Feeds

J&J Brand Feed contains the necessary grains, proteins, vitamins, and minerals to keep your horses healthy and productive. J&J Brand Feeds are designed to be fed with quality hay and/or pasture. Feed J&J Brand Feeds at the rate of approximately 1% of body weight daily (1 pound of feed per 100 pounds of body weight). The amount of feed needed will depend on many factors, including the quality and quantity of forage, age of the horse and the amount of exercise the horse receives. Do not provide feed free choice. Provide clean fresh clean water and a free choice mineral supplement to horses at all times.

J&J Tack Shack, Inc. Guarantee

Our goal is to bring value to the horse owner by providing the highest quality feed at the best possible price. However, should the quality of this product not meet your expectations, return it within 15 days with proof of purchase for a refund or replacement.